Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ben Carson Questions Need for 2nd Amendment and Inadvertently Slams Trump's Faith

Is it possible to post on the Trump reverse Midas touch and leave Ben Carson out for long? It's like Carson has taken on the Trump persona of saying whatever comes into his mind whether his statements are consistent or not.

First on policy--the 2nd Amendment now up for grabs:

Carson: "And that’s why we need to get back to a point of having civil discussions. Let’s put on the table what is the reason for the 2nd Amendment and is there a reason that we need to change those things right now?" (1:36-1:50) (emphasis added)

Then on character, Carson gives a true, but inadvertently anti-Trump comment on how to tell about someone’s faith (in the context of Trump criticizing Hillary's faith):

Carson: "Well, clearly a person’s faith, their religion, their relationship with God, is something that should be private although it should be manifested publicly. You know the Bible says in Matthew 7:20 by their fruit you will know them. And the point that was being made there is it doesn’t matter what protestations or proclamations people make. Look at the way they live. Look at the way they treat other people and the way that they do things. That will tell you all you need to know." (2:50- 3:22) (emphasis added)

Then there are the walk backs of the above statement. Why Trump's bad behavior is okay (and, undoubtedly shouldn't be used in judging Trump's faith). First, on Trump criticizing Carson’s faith:

Carson: "Well, I knew why he was doing that. You know, I was challenging him for the lead, and (laughs) he didn't know what to do. He was getting kind of desperate. That's okay. I mean that’s politics. People say stuff." (3:45-4:09)

Second, on questions about Judge Curiel’s ethnicity and the tone of Trump's campaign:

Carson: "Well, [Trump]’s not a politician. There’s no question about that. He’s not going to be smooth. He’s not going to lay the groundwork before he says something like a politician does. I think the average American kind of understands where he’s coming from." (3:40-4:45)

So does how you treat other people show your faith or doesn't it? Maybe only if it regards people other than the candidate Ben Carson has endorsed.

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MAX Redline said...

How about this, Ben? You get started on that whole Constitutional amendment thing, mm-kay?

Then you can work on that whole free speech thing, after.

Possession of Ben's mouth should be a class C felony, at least.

T. D. said...

How could I have ever supported this guy? You were so right, Max!

MAX Redline said...

I liked him at first as well, TD. It's just that the more he talked, the less comfortable I became.

T. D. said...

I should have picked up on the utter pragmatism and lack of clear principle when he made the analogy that an eagle needs both a left and a right wing to fly.

"The liberals represent the left wing and the conservatives represent the right wing. The liberals tend to have lots of great ideas that cost a great deal of money and, if left unchecked, would quickly bankrupt the nation. The conservatives simply want to maintain the status quo and are not very adventurous, and if our nation were left solely to their ideas, stagnation would occur. However, when you balance the right & the left wings evenly, the eagle is able to fly high and straight, and the potential for progress is tremendous."

MAX Redline said...

Yes, that was an amazingly insipid comment. Especially as he was so wrong about conservatives and stagnation, while ignoring the disaster that Leftists have wrought.

T. D. said...

It's people like Carson (and Palin) who have deeply wounded the conservative movement which is now split between so-called "common sense" conservatives who go by feeling from issue to issue and "Constitutuional" conservatives who make decisions on the base of core principles. The Tea Party, a mixture of the two, is a dead letter.