Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trying to Figure Out Why Sarah Palin Has Gone Nuts

Here's a facebook post today:


Sarah Palin thinks John Boehner superior to Paul Ryan? In what universe?

Palin's rambling speeches lately have been bizarre coming from someone who was one of the preeminent political speakers. And there's the strange talk when endorsing Trump about media heads spinning and her mistreatment "every day" from 2008 (first 2 minutes of the speech). I put that down to being pushed off kilter by the media treatment of her and her family which was unprecedented in its hatred and ugliness. OK, I can understand her emotional wound even though one has to give that kind of mistreatment to God to take care of. You can't take your own revenge or even carry thoughts of it without spiritually crumbling.

But Palin's unhinged hatred of Paul Ryan is just crazy. She vowed to "Cantor" him by backing an unknown candidate who has civility issues. Worse yet, Ryan's opponent is polling about 15%. Supporting Paul Nehlen okay, but boasting about taking Ryan out is political nonsense.

Then there's the facebook post above. Palin scourges Ryan for two political falsehoods--not particularly big ones either.

Now, Donald Trump has said falsehood after falsehood* (including that Ben Carson has a character like a child molester and Ted Cruz's father had a part in JFK's assassination, misrepresenting flipflops like women who get abortions should be punished and there should be nuclear proliferation especially for South Korea and Japan). Not a mention from Palin about any of these "lies". Not even a complaint about Trump reveling in Mike Tyson's endorsement and calling convicted rapist Tyson a "tough guy". Mike Tyson who laughed in a radio interview about sexual violence against Sarah Palin in 2011.

So, the woman outraged by two Paul Ryan "lies" is fine with Donald Trump's myriad of lies and praise of the man who would like to see Palin sexually assaulted. It's beyond me. Way into La-La Land.
*yoeman's labor with links(!) for many of the 366 lies listed


MAX Redline said...

"Miss me yet?"

Not in his wildest dreams. Although I must admit that I've never seen such an adept public weeper in American politics.

My preference was - and is - Ted Cruz. I may write him in, come November, as I'm never going to vote for Pantsuit nor Ferret-head.

Why Palin supports him is beyond understanding.

T. D. said...

I agree 100%. Since my vote in Oregon on president doesn't matter anyway, I'll probably write in someone, and it will probably be Cruz. So, nice not to have practical considerations in the presidential vote so that principles can easily prevail.