Friday, June 17, 2016

Billionaire Donald J. Trump Wants My Money

From an email I received from Donald Trump today:

Besides the fact that I disagree with most of Trump's fundamental principles, why would someone with way south of 1/20000th of his boasted net worth be giving him money*? Not only do I have better uses for it, I know lots of people and causes that could really use my small sums of money and don't have a $10 billion nest egg.

I've heard $1 billion as a ballpark figure for what a Trump presidential campaign needs. That's only 10% of his net worth. One assumes that if he had to make the choice he would pay 10% of his net worth to stay out of prison for 4 years. I certainly would. So why not spend 10% to be president and "Make America Great Again!"?

And Trump is putting up 5-1/2 years (7%) of his life with the campaign and first term. Assuming he would be willing to go for two terms that would be 12% of his life. But, not 10% of his money? Kind of strange.
*Sarah Palin has also asked me for money to fund Trump as have various telephone robocallers.


MAX Redline said...

Sad to see with Mrs. Palin; what once was found has now been lost, what once was fine can't see.

On robocallers: I use nomorobo, which cuts down on most of those.

T. D. said...

Nice word play, Max! And, unfortunately, true.

We have Ooma so once I know the numbers we blacklist them. But, they come up with new numbers. :-/