Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump Is Teleprompter and Double Negative-Challenged

Donald Trump does not do well with teleprompters. He looks very ill at ease and isn't able to pay attention to the meaning of what he is saying. Here's what he said yesterday:
"We have an incompetent administration, and if I'm elected president, that will not change, I will tell you, that will not change over the next four years."
He even emphasized his mistake with "I will tell you". Apparently he missed an important "not" in the text. As in: "We have an incompetent administration, and if I'm not elected president, that will not change . . . ." Whoever writes his speeches needs to leave complex syntax like "not elected . . . not change" out of Trump's speeches. Trump couldn't figure out the double negative.

You can see the mistake in context at about the 4:28 mark below:

This reminds of President Obama thanking himself. Though Obama is exceptionally good at teleprompter speeches and does appear to know what he is reading except for a few glitches like thanking himself. Obama actually looks at ease doing the tennis match swing back and forth and looks like he is talking to the audience. Trump looks like he's trying to find his place on the speech scroll.


MAX Redline said...

Amusing! That should make for a great commercial....

T. D. said...

One good thing is that I thought media hiding Obama's mistake was favoritism. But, since it hasn't jumped on Trump's mistake maybe it's just basic inability to recognize a funny story.

How do you like Trump making the NRA look like idiots? They'll soon be walking back lots more of their so-called principles. Same with right to life people. And evangelicals. Trump's positions last as long as it takes for him to utter them and then think of another shiny object.

MAX Redline said...

Our media has devolved to regurgitating whatever is fed them, for the most part.

Now that you mention it, Trump does bear a striking behavioral resemblance to crows.

T. D. said...

The media is falling apart. I used to scan some of the media sites from time to time. Now I only look at them when there is a link that looks like it points to something substantive. The links come from blogs like yours, Max, or tweets. Amazing the turn around in my news gathering methods in just a few years.

In defense of crows, they're pretty good at what they do. Would probably make better decisions by the peck method than the two current presumptives.

MAX Redline said...

Trump's amusing - the other day he said that Muslims never report anything to the cops. The FBI and other law enforcement folks said, "Actually, we get a lot of tips from them." Oops, again.

T. D. said...

Trump just says whatever comes into his head. No need for pesky things like facts. It also makes it wonderfully easy to change his position. He tells us that many of his Muslim friends like what he's saying. Maybe they're the ones not reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement.

Did you know Trump made up a Civil War battle to hype his golf course?

"But no one died in that crossing, historians said, or in any other notable Civil War engagement on the spot.

“'How would they know that?' Mr. Trump asked, when told that local historians had called his plaque a fiction. 'Were they there?'

"Mr. Trump repeatedly said that 'numerous historians' had told him the golf club site was known as The River of Blood. But he said he did not remember their names."