Thursday, June 06, 2013

Church Bells Ringing 69 Years Ago for D-Day

Portland church bells were ringing 69 years ago today to celebrate the Allied invasion of Europe. D-Day was a wonderful and sad day all at once.

It heralded the beginning of the end for the Nazis and Axis powers. But, also resulted in about 4,500 American and Allied killed out of about 160,000 in the invading force.

It was a major turning point for the War in Europe, and became another image of valor in war time that stamped America's "greatest generation".

World War II cadets - Stockton, California


MAX Redline said...

Not to diminish their valor in any way, but it's worth noting that 60 years ago today, 1984 was published.

And what we have going on in this country today is exactly what those men fought against.

OregonGuy said...

Learning how negatively one can respond to a posting like yours...

There is a war going on, and like most wars, we won't know what the goals and objectives of this war will be until we're past the point of the goal or objective. The vast perponderance of persons on the globe won't have a clue, can't differentiate,can't raise an eye, or glam a concept, of what this war is all about.

Not that we're doomed. You and I still take a draw off a cigar your father would have smoked. You sip on a cocktail your mother would have sipped.

That is, to say, we are more alike, than dis-alike. Those chappies in their mufti are more like you and I than anything I could assert, and you and I don't even know what mufti is appropriate, today.

(If the 'net breaks down, every man for himself, and don't ask questions.)

T. D. said...

It is amazing how these men impacted our liberty. As you mention, Max, 1984 wouldn't have been published had Britain fallen. We're living on the fruit of what they did.

But, as you both point out in different ways, Max and OG, valor and sacrifice 69 years ago doesn't equal freedom once for all. Unless we show more courage and valor than we are, especially on the home front (rationing impacted everyone in WWII and universal military service impacted almost every family), we will face another D-Day-like event or worse.

Thanks for your comments, guys.