Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Currently Neither Jeb Bush Nor Marco Rubio Enjoy Favorite Son Status in Florida

A new Quinnipiac poll of Florida voters shows Hillary Clinton beating both former Gov. Jeb Bush and current Senator Marco Rubio in a 2016 presidential contest.

Clinton over Bush by 7%.
     Hillary Clinton - 50%
     Jeb Bush - 43%.

Clinton bests Rubio by 8%.
     Hillary Clinton - 51%
     Marco Rubio  - 42%

Worse yet, Bush and Rubio win against Vice President Biden by only 4% and 2% respectively.
     Jeb Bush - 47%
     Joe Biden - 43%

     Marco Rubio - 45%
     Joe Biden - 43%

In terms of favorable ratings, Clinton surpasses both Bush and Rubio, and Biden edges out Rubio.
     Hilllary Clinton - 57% favorable / 38% unfavorable
     Jeb Bush - 54% favorable / 33% unfavorable
     Joe Biden - 45% favorable / 42% unfavorable
     Marco Rubio - 44% favorable / 33% unfavorable

As Laura Ingraham notes:


MAX Redline said...

Well, I wouldn't vote for Jeb, either. Or Marco, for that matter. Cruz has potential.

Hillary had her chance, and it didn't fly then. At this point, what difference does it make? Maybe they can pull Johnnie Edwards out of retirement.

T. D. said...

I'm with you, Max. Cruz is the only one showing real thinking ability and backbone.

Hillary barely lost, and that's because the media turned against her and underlined all her faults while saying nothing about Obama's.

Do you think there is another Democrat who can take the nomination away from her? But, of course, she could lose it.

MAX Redline said...

True enough on Hillary, TD, and I was just reading that people are already jumping on the Hill2016 bandwagon, so apparently she's actually going for it. Amazingly, people will probably go for her despite her lengthy list of flaws and lies - because since we've had a "black" president, it's time for a woman president.


T. D. said...

Max, my tongue-in-cheek comment in return would be "How about a Hispanic woman president?" (like Susana Martinez). That way we could get two missed identity groups covered all at once. :-)