Friday, June 28, 2013

Democrats Played Marco Rubio Like a Fiddle

UPDATE: Though voting for the failed Cornyn security amendment which required real measurable border security progress before granting legal permanent status, Senator Kelly Ayotte was one of 14 Republicans who voted for the immigration bill despite the lack of provisions requiring measurable border security success before legal permanent status and citizenship. Thirty-two Republican Senators voted against the bill.

From Byron York:
"Menendez told me that Rubio's role was to 'work over the conservative universe, particularly the conservative opinion-maker universe,' in order to 'neutralize them' and, in some cases, 'proselytize them,'" the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza reported recently, referring to Democratic Gang member Robert Menendez. The leader of the Gang, Democrat Charles Schumer, "was delighted to have a Tea Party conservative who could sell an immigration bill to the right," Lizza wrote.
The plan worked brilliantly. Conservative talk radio hosts who might have instinctively opposed immigration reform as conceived by Schumer gave Rubio a respectful hearing and a lot of room. When Rubio told them the bill would secure the border first, they believed him.
Later, when it became unavoidably clear that, in fact, the bill would first legalize millions of currently illegal immigrants, and only after that start the work of securing the border, some conservatives began to express skepticism, disappointment and opposition. But Rubio's neutralization campaign had bought the Gang precious months to write the bill and gather momentum before conservatives began to realize what was actually in it.
[emphasis added]
Marco Rubio let himself be used not only a stalking horse but a Trojan horse. If Rubio was so easily manipulated by Senate Democrats, is there any question that Rubio would be putty in the hands of real opponents like the Russians or Chinese?

And then there are the conservative thinkers who trusted him. What is this spate of supposedly sensible conservatives becoming groupies over Rubio like Ann Coulter with Chris Christie and Mitt Romney?


MAX Redline said...

Good questions, TD; when Rubio first appeared on the scene, I was all in favor of him - he talked a great fight. And then he got elected. And suddenly revealed himself to be a little Democratic; a phenomenon that seems to occur with depressing regularity.

When he started talking up amnesty, I tuned him out. I didn't give him space, respectful hearing, or anything else. It was clear that he'd abused the trust initially placed in him, and once that occurs, it's over as far as I'm concerned.

Thus far, the brightest star amongst the current batch of Republicans is Ted Cruz - which is why McRINO and Graham despise him so deeply. I hope he can continue to stand up in the face of adversity.

As for McRINO, Graham, and Rubio: If I happened to see them on fire in a ditch, I'd use a urinal.

T. D. said...

I'm with you on Ted Cruz. Very intelligent, lots of leadership abilities, principled.

My newest post includes Palin's support for a primary challenger for both Rubio and Ayotte for flipping on basic principles even though she supported them in 2010.