Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rubio, Flake, Graham, McCain Vote Against Border Security Amendment

On a 57 to 43 vote to table the Grassley amendment to the immigration bill which would "prohibit the granting of registered provisional immigrant status until the Secretary has maintained effective control of the borders for 6 months", the only Republican senators voting to table the security motion were Rubio, Flake, Graham, McCain (all members of the Gang of Eight) and Murkowski (AK).

To her credit, Senator Kelly Ayotte, who recently said she would support the immigration bill, voted not to table the amendment. The only Democrats voting not to table were Manchin (WV) and Pryor (AR).

 H/T Byron York


MAX Redline said...

McRINO has never been a guy I trusted. Been inside the Beltway too long. A walking, talking advert for term limits.

T. D. said...

Like you, Max, I didn't expect anything else from McCain.

Nor from Graham, but the lack of concern for border security from Rubio and Flake is disheartening. Since Arizona had the big state dust up over border security, I wonder what the voters there think of their two senators. Governor Brewer has more courage and insight than they.

Rubio has fallen off my list for anything higher than senator. He seems to be just a pretty face concerned about how he looks politically rather than about the country and its long term immigration problems on the southern border. I doubt I'll cry any tears next time the media savages him.

I do give Ayotte credit for seeing the problem and trying to fix it via the Grassley amendment. She at least is showing some sense about the problems in the bill.

MAX Redline said...

Ah, but Brewer has moved to implement the Obamacare exchange, despite opposing sentiment. Rubio's become a cheerleader for amnesty, claiming that we need to do it now so the illegals can pay fines and back taxes that'll fund border security. O'Rlly?

Yeah, Marco - I'll bet they'll be lining up fast and furious for that.

I agree on Ayott - classy and fearless (so far).

T. D. said...

Brewer has shown a lot of backbone for all the hate and federal punishment thrown at her and Arizona because of the border security issue. She seems to have taken the middle road on Obamacare at least refusing to set up a state exchange.

I find Rubio's assertion jaw dropping that the illegal immigrant fines will fund border security. And who will fund all the legalization apparatus? Not to mention the green card and citizenship apparatus to process 11 million people? And the fines will be so huge that there will be lots of money left over for border security? Not to mention that they will get public health and welfare monies--as they already do. Rubio's going to show up at some poor family's home and demand that they receive no public healthcare or food stamps? Right.