Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ben Carson's Slide Into Inanity Continues

It just keeps coming. Those who speak for Donald Trump have to make absurd statements to cover Trump's personal and policy errors.

Ben Carson on why Donald Trump had to immediately take back his statement on punishing women who have abortions: "I don't believe that he was warned that that question was coming."

Apparently, Dr. Carson thinks the President of the United States will have plenty of time to think of good answers because there will be no 3 am calls.

On The View, Carson again defending Trump's treatment of women:
In the second part of the interview, Goldberg continued to challenge Carson for his support of Trump. "If he had spoken to your wife the way he had spoken to some of these women, would you take that, sir?" she asked.
“Let me tell you something. When you’re very nice, when you’re very respectful, you talk about the real issues and not get into all of these issues, where does it get you? It gets you where it got me. Nowhere," Carson replied.
"Is that what this is about?" Goldberg asked, adding, "It can't be about that."
Carson then remarked that politicians like Trump "say what people want to hear."
“That’s how Hitler got in, sir. That’s how Hitler got in," Goldberg said. "But you were a voice."
Apparently accepting that premise, Carson said people have to "work with what we have, not necessarily what we ideally would want, and we the people are largely responsible, we have to be willing to stand up for what we believe ... because the politicians of the United States will respond to that."
(emphasis added)
So, Ben Carson believes that we have to stand up for what we believe, but doing that got him nowhere so now Carson is now supporting someone who does what Carson is against.  Right.


MAX Redline said...

Carson's not only not ready for prime-time, I don't think he'll ever be.

T. D. said...

Trump seems to have the anti-Midas touch. Turning gold into garbage.

MAX Redline said...

It'd be nice if they'd both just go away.

T. D. said...

Agreed! :-) Did you hear that Chris Christie has an explanation for his "hostage" look? He's used to talking, not listening.