Saturday, March 05, 2016

Cruz Wins 28% More Delegates than Trump Tonight

Update: Washington Post delegate chart (even though it doesn't include 8 delegates for Cruz and 6 or 7 delegates for Trump):

Ted Cruz won more delegates tonight than Donald Trump. Cruz got 68 delegates tonight. Trump only won 53 delegates. Cruz won 28% more delegates tonight than Trump. Even with two other candidates Cruz is catching Trump.

At tonight's speech Donald Trump said he wanted Marco Rubio to get out of the race so Trump could face Cruz head on. As usual Trump bragged about himself and his "strong second" in Maine and Kansas. But Cruz more than doubled Trump's votes in Kansas and won by 13 points in Maine. By contrast Cruz lost by less than 5% in Louisiana and Kentucky.

Is Trump inhaling his own hype?

The numbers for tonight:

Cruz 48.2% - 24 delegates
Trump 23.3% - 9 delegates

Cruz 45.9% - 12 delegates
Trump 32.6% - 9 delegates 

Cruz 37.8% - 17 delegates
Trump 41.4% - 18 delegates

Cruz 31.6% - 15 - delegates
Trump 35.9% - 17 delegates

If Rubio drops out, Cruz will undoubtedly get more than 50% of Rubio's votes compared with Trump. So, Trump is setting himself up for more losses and bigger losses.

Trump doesn't seem to be aware of the strong negative reaction he is causing in the Republican party and among conservatives and moderates. Mitt Romney's speech should have given him a clue. Lindsey Graham's comments on supporting Ted Cruz should have been another clue. And the #nevertrump movement is an additional clue. But, Trump seems utterly clueless.

One hopes Trump gets his wish for a two man race and that the proverb "Pride goes before a fall." proves apt. We shall see.

I can't imagine enduring the mental exhaustion of listening to Trump brag about himself for the next 5 years.

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