Saturday, March 26, 2016

Poor Melania Trump Married to Such a Vile Clod

Imagine for a moment that you are a beautiful woman who is intelligent and talented. Your husband thinks it is a compliment to you to show a picture of you in comparison to a picture of someone who looks a little witchy. Kind of like the picture below.

So, what does he think of you on the days when you look a little witchy. Every woman does--every person does. When we're tired, out of sorts, sick, angry, or just caught at the wrong moment by the camera. Not to mention as we age.

You don't believe me? Just look up photos of Sarah Palin. There's one Andrew Sullivan used in an April, 2014, column hawked on the Getty Images site (along with others both attractive and unattractive). I won't show it. But, everyone knows Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman. Well, sometimes not so beautiful even in public with all her makeup on and dressed very attractively.

Now imagine how shallow Donald Trump is to think the comparison to the left shows his wife in a positive light.

Further, think how vile Trump is to show another man's wife in an unattractive photo. Heidi Cruz has never done anything to Donald Trump or Melania Trump. But, because she is married to an opponent, he feels justified in presenting Heidi Cruz in a savage light.

Donald Trump is so base that I feel a few twinges of pity for him. All of his "charm" and civility are only a veneer. Even worse he has never felt the need to ask God's forgiveness. Donald Trump has never felt shame for his actions. Not in ditching two wives. Not in committing adultery with other women. Certainly not in his companies going bankrupt on other people's money four times.

Heidi Cruz goes home to a husband who will love her for better or for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health. She goes home to children she is teaching how to love others first by respecting those others and then maybe even by sacrificing for them.

Poor Melania Trump what does she go home to?


MAX Redline said...

Poor Melania Trump what does she go home to?

Money. Certainly not charm.

T. D. said...

Yes, certainly not charm. One wonders how much money she has access to and there probably was a prenuptial agreement. Marla apparently got $5 million.

Marta said...

Melania's father is a lot like Trump. I think she's happy this way because this type of relationship is what she's used to. She's a perfect supporting wife and she's acknowledged as perfect by her husband, and protected in return. From what I've read about her, I understood she's very proud of this role. If you have some spare time, I recommend reading some articles on her childhood in Slovenia - the links are in the Wikipedia article

T. D. said...

Marta, thanks for your comment. That is sad if Melania grew up with a father who said demeaning things about women because of their looks and hit back at opponents by demonizing their wives. Imagine the pressure she has had on her all her life to look perfect and be pleasing, and how insecure she will feel as she ages and wrinkles or has an independent idea. Being protected (or even given what is legally due her) comes at the price of being pleasing. Marla Trump knows something about that.