Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Cruz Spends $1,112 on Ads (1/3 cent per vote) to Win 2nd in Michigan

Talk about knowing how to turn straw into gold.

The Cruz campaign spent $1,112 in Michigan on tv ads. With 97% of the vote counted Cruz has 324,526 votes. That averages out to about 1/3 cent per vote. By contrast :

1. Donald Trump spent $184,636 for 474,674 votes. That's about 39 cents per vote. Despite that reasonable showing, Trump has been snookered in his ad buys in Ohio paying significantly more than Hillary, Bernie or Kasich.
For instance on the ABC-affiliate in Cleveland, Trump is paying a rate around three times higher than Bernie Sanders for orders placed on the same day and for the same three time slots: the 6 p.m. news, ABC’s World News, and Good Morning America. Trump is paying $1,500 to Sanders’s $400 for 6 p.m., $2,000 to Sanders’s $600 for ABC’s World News, and $1,400 to Sanders’s $550 for Good Morning America.
. . .
On that same Cleveland station, in the 6 p.m. news slot and World News, the Trump campaign is paying double the rate of John Kasich’s super PAC, even though by law federal candidates have access to the lowest unit rate available, giving them an upper hand in negotiations over so-called issue advertisers.
On the CBS-affiliate, also in Cleveland, Trump is paying hundreds more for ads than both Sanders and Clinton in three time slots. In Cincinnati, on the ABC station there, Trump is paying a significantly higher rate for ads in the 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. news slots than Clinton and Sanders.
Trump is paying $705 for 5 p.m. and $930 for 6 p.m. Sanders and Clinton are paying $440 and $580 for those same time slots.
The rate discrepancy is not isolated to broadcast. In one local cable buy on CNN in Cleveland, Trump paid hundreds more for ads throughout daytime and primetime than a similar buy from the Sanders campaign.
2. John Kasich supporters spent $770,353 for 316,387 votes. Spending about $2.43 per vote.

3. Marco Rubio supporters spent $1.2 million for 121,358 votes. Yikes. That's about $9.89 per vote.

Cruz may be just the guy to tame the $19 trillion U.S. debt.

H/T David Shor


OregonGuy said...

If this is true, the Commission will not like this.

T. D. said...

No, ain't gonna go down good.

MAX Redline said...

It must be noted, though, that Trump gets far more free airtime than any other candidate. Because they love his outrageousness.

T. D. said...

The media is giving terrific in kind donations. They stay for all of Trump's speeches/press conferences and only for minutes of the other candidates. That's his advantage of being a reality TV star. But, because it is mostly bragging and insults and no real content, it is also driving up his negative image. I used to be neutral toward Trump until I heard more from him. Now, as is clear, I am very anti-Trump. Hillary even beats Trump by 10(!) points in being trustworthy and honest.


MAX Redline said...

Carson endorsed Trump this morning. Unbelievable.

T. D. said...

Trump must have amazing hypnotic powers in personal discussion. How else to explain Palin, Sessions, Carson, etc. They end up backing a man who disagrees publicly with the core principles they have stood for. Unbelievable, indeed, Max.