Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump May Pay Sucker Puncher's Legal Fees

See, if you provoke other people to anger, it might be right for them to hit you, kill you or, much less painfully, shut down your campaign appearance.

H/T RedState


MAX Redline said...

Nope. Not conservative values. Leftists are all about derision and insult, and if that doesn't work, then violence.

"I'm not gonna get down in the mud with them" - said a professional mud-slinger.

T. D. said...

Now Trump is threatening to send his supporters to Bernie's rallies.

So, maybe we have a series of gang clashes that will go through convention time. With lots of legal bills for Trump to pay.

MAX Redline said...

I'm just waiting for the clown car to arrive at this circus. I suspect it already did, while I was in the restroom.

T. D. said...

While we were both looking for a good place to put the popcorn bowl as the entertainment is becoming fun on the outside and serious on the inside.