Friday, October 14, 2016

Ben Carson's Sprint to Appalling

Ben Carson has become the spokesman for situational ethics at best and amorality during political campaigns at worst. He's for Judeo-Christian ethics except during political campaigns in times of crisis ("when the train is going off the cliff"). (video below)
5:25 Carson: “Here’s what we need to be thinking about. I love the fact that all of a sudden you want to talk about morality in our country. I would love us to bring back our Judeo-Christian values and begin to teach those things and emphasize them at a time other than a political election. Let’s do that, but right now the train is going off the cliff.” . . .
8:00 Joe: Do you think Judeo-Christian values apply during campaigns or only after campaigns?” Carson: Now let me tell you what I actually said, and I’m glad it is on the tape. I said I would love for us to engage in a conversation on Judeo-Christian values, and I would love for us to bring morality back and we need to do it at times other than a political campaign, but we’re not doing that. Right now what we need to do is concentrate on the reason that two out of three Americans feel that our country is on the wrong track.”
He also doesn't think truth is important during times of crisis.
4:40 Carson: “It doesn’t matter whether they’re lying or not. What matters . . . Listen, it doesn’t matter whether they’re lying or not, what matters is that the train is going off the cliff.”
Carson doesn't understand the First Amendment.
8:40 Carson: “In the media, the reason that you are protected by our Constitution is because you’re supposed to be objective and on the side of the people and helping them. When you take sides it is absolutely distorting (garbled: the original?) intention."
The First Amendment gives everyone freedom from establishment of religion, free exercise of religion, free speech, right of assembly and petition of government along with guaranteeing freedom of the press. 

None of those is based on being "objective" or "unbiased". One actually assumes bias in individual free speech and free exercise of religion. If you didn't believe in one religion over another, you probably wouldn't be practicing it. The "reason" we are protected from government interference in these areas is that the government has no right to control our political or religious beliefs or harmless actions related to those beliefs. Part of liberty is the unalienable right to only answer to God for our beliefs. Acts that are harmful to the public, yes. Beliefs, no.



MAX Redline said...

I kind of liked Carson early on, but then the more I heard from him, the less I liked him. Talented neurosurgeon, no doubt. But if anybody should know something about train derailments, it would be him.

He tripped the switch with his own lips, and seems not to have learned from the experience.

T. D. said...

Yes, you warned me. Sigh.

MAX Redline said...

Nope, just told you what I was thinking. I was disappointed as well.

T. D. said...

One almost feels forced to not trust anyone related to politics. I want to think of them as like me and the people I know. Sure we change our minds and make wrong choices, but there's usually a central core that can still be seen. I don't see it anymore with Carson or Palin. Just very sad.