Saturday, October 08, 2016

More Popcorn (and Prayer) Needed

Update: Thought I was kidding about Trump supporters saying all men do this?

Here's video of Scott Baio saying all men talk about grabbing women's crotches and trying to get married women to commit adultery with them. And that women need to "grow up" and accept that kind of treatment from men. (full interview)

The candidate is better than his supporters. At least Trump apologized because he knows it's shameful. And, of course, Melania also said it was unacceptable and offensive and needed to be forgiven. Apparently, Melania needs to "grow up".

Hillary supporters are saying how awful Trump is for doing things Bill did (which at the time they claimed were just things guys did and had nothing to do with being unpresidential).

Trump supporters are saying how Trump is just doing things all guys do, even though when Bill did it the stuff was horrible and disqualified Bill from being president. And disqualifies Hillary from being president because she's married to him.

Then "evangelical" leader Tony Perkins, whose Family Research Council holds an annual "Value Voters Summit" says having the same values is not important in his support of Trump, but having the same concerns is.

And Ben "let's be more civil and caring" Carson is now, according to his spokesman, as okay with grabbing people's crotches and being a serial adulterer as he is with political candidates lying about their opponents, saying they have the character of child molesters, are serial adulterers, and their fathers have been a party to presidential assassination. It happens. The flesh is weak. It doesn't mean you're a bad person.

Which does go along with Trump's (and Dr. Robert Jeffress') assessment that Planned Parenthood, even though it kills hundreds of thousands of babies each year, does many wonderful things. Undoubtedly there are many good things ISIS does too, besides blow themselves up from time to time.

All boiling down to "anything is okay for my candidate to do as long as their side loses".

We're going to need a lot more popcorn (and prayer) to make it through the next four weeks.


MAX Redline said...

Pantsuit's an unprincipled serial liar who enabled her husband's sexual misconduct, and at last tally, the Clintons have approximately 41 dead bodies behind them.

Trump is an unprincipled serial boor.

Neither belong in the White House. Unfortunately, one of them will be. And that will likely come down to who's most effective at rallying the dead people, who generally are reliable votes for Democratics.

T. D. said...

Dead voters will be big. Heh. Also, important in this election will be lack of self-control. Much of Trump's fame has come from letting his dissolute persona create headlines. Imelda Marcos may not have had as many shoes as Donald created available to fall at the right moment. The Clinton's seem to have just as many, but have been much more disciplined in making them hard to dig out.

The only hope is what the framers gave us. Power gridlock to keep either of these people from making too many important national decisions. Thank God for the Constitution. God help us.

OregonGuy said...

What do you do when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place?

Find a long lever.

Whether you view it as a political conspiracy, or as a criminal conspiracy, the Attorney General's Office, the F.B.I., the I.R.S., the E.P.A, the F.C.C., and other alphabet organizations are engaged in gaining more power and control, increasing regulation, limiting speech and suppressing dissent.

And the corruption of the Clintons is without doubt.

The long lever is the U.S. Congress. If Trump as President crosses the line, I'm confident the Democrats will work to remove him through impeachment. Something I believe we have ample evidence to show would be justified for our current president.

And then, Mike Pence. Christian, conservative and Republican. In that order.

T. D. said...

I wish, OG. Dems would need 2/3rds of Senate to convict. Not likely--which is why it has never happened in over 200 years of corruption and executive overreach. Including, as you note, Obama's conduct with immigration, IRS, etc., and a Republican controlled House and Senate.

Gridlock is my only hope for stopping Hillary or Trump.

I also wish VP's had power, but they don't. They only matter if the president dies (or is incapacitated).

MAX Redline said...

And the corruption of the Clintons is without doubt.

One of the reasons why Bubba doesn't get to practice law any more.

Gridlock is my only hope for stopping Hillary or Trump.

A do-nothing Congress controlled by so-called Republicans hasn't slowed Obama down.

T. D. said...

Well, the only major piece of legislation is Obamacare in 8 years. They have almost doubled the national debt, but the Republicans have gone along with that time and again passing the old budget with continuing resolutions.

But, you're right. The Republican Congress hasn't stopped the Executive branch.

The Democrats with a minority in the Senate have stopped the Legislative branch. No Republican budget bills or anything else of substance have gotten to the President's desk. The Dems will do the same, with more passion, if Trump wins. Hillary, by contrast, will get a useful budget because Republicans are afraid to use the power of the purse.

Trump will get none of the people on his list of Supreme Court nominees. They are already poison to the Democrats. He may get a Souter or a Kennedy, but he'll never get a Scalia. Hillary, by contrast, will get most any moderate liberal because Republicans cave.

Anyway, that's my read. I don't see any major changes in the next four years unless the Democrats win the Senate and the House too.