Saturday, October 01, 2016

Trump: Motherhood Shouldn't Mean Taking a Pay Cut (Even If You Don't Work)

Motherhood "shouldn't mean taking a pay cut"--even if the mother isn't working.

Paid maternity leave means getting paid when you don't work.

That's an even better deal than the military get. The military only have the old jobs held for them. They aren't guaranteed pay from those jobs when they aren't working.


Don't get me wrong. I'm absolutely for paid benefits including maternity leave. If the business owner(s) can afford to pay and want(s) to pay, go for it.

I'm not for forcing businesses to give benefits or for forcing tax payers to pay for those benefits. And I'm definitely not for driving up the national debt. But, apparently modern GOP conservatives are.

H/T Stephen Miller


MAX Redline said...

They're not conservatives. They're part of the problem.

T. D. said...

Yes, the list of "only conservative when it feels right" people continues to grow. I count the people who haven't spoken out against this along with the actual supporters.

Rush Limbaugh on how the national debt isn't so bad. It's irresponsible but not dangerous. Couldn't that be said about everything since the country is still standing? When it falls then we'll know what was dangerous.

MAX Redline said...

One of many reasons why I pay no attention to Limbaugh.

He mocked H. Ross Perot incessantly, but Perot knew business, and correctly described what NAFTA would do to American jobs.

Anybody who doesn't think that huge levels of debt is a bad thing is either a fool or a bookie.

And it's far worse than merely (merely?) the federal debt; throw in the state and municipal unfunded liabilities, and it really snowballs.

That's why the public employee unions and Democratics are desperately trying to get us to vote for their M97 - PERS has a $22 billion deficit (and growing) primarily because public employee unions and the Democratics that they contribute to "negotiated" it.

Portland has some $2 billion in unfunded liabilities as well, but they can spend millions on streetcars, tax abatements for wealthy developers, diversity bureaus, and other stuff - if you want core civic services, however, you're going to have to pay more taxes.

T. D. said...

You are so right, Max! And I value your coverage of Oregon's (and Portland's) massive and growing debt.

MAX Redline said...

Thanks, TD, I try to stay atop the financials because it seems to me that the political class and the public employee unions are destroying the lives of future generations for their own benefit. I find that revolting.

It's nice to see that as more information regarding measure 97 emerges, opposition to it is increasing. It's at least a glimmer of hope.

T. D. said...

I find it revolting too. One can only hope about measure 97 given how Oregon Republicans have not made a peep about Trump's paid pregnancy leave plan. I think most of them follow Limbaugh logic. If our guy is for it, it can't be so bad.