Monday, October 31, 2016

Hmm. Which Is the Stupid Party?

The old saying is there's a stupid party and an evil party. I always thought I knew which was which. But, now I'm wondering.

Who would have thought that the Democrats would be helpless to expose the corrupt underbelly of Donald Trump? And where is big media help?

No one has yet come forward with Apprentice footage to further show Trump's sexual predator nature. Nor has the New York Times released that supposedly damaging interview Trump gave during the primaries. What??? I thought NBC was part of the mainstream media. I thought the New York Times was part of the mainstream media.

The LA Times supposedly kept damaging video footage of Obama from public view. No one has cracked Obama's university transcripts. By contrast, Joe the Plumber had all his private information spilled immediately, and Sarah Palin's emails were made public. But no one has got to Trump's draft evasion records of his "bone spur" that magically disappeared not to mention the tons of info on sleazy wheeling and dealing with public officials and mafia types.

The court system has put off the Trump University case and the civil rape case until after the election. But, the FBI has outed the new Hillary emails before the election even though they don't know what's involved. What???

And then there's Trump's threat to make the press subject to legal action if it publishes lies. What's that going to do to Trump's favorite Pulitzer newspaper The National Enquirer? I mean among the Enquirer's milder lies are that Oprah was supposed to have died years ago, and Bill Clinton isn't supposed to live long enough to see election day.

This election year the Republican party has been its regular doofus self, but so has the Democratic party. This year the Democrats have connived and used Executive branch lies, but the Republicans have done better in welcoming Russian/Wikileaks help in exposing national security information along with a flood of other private information.

I'm having a hard time deciding which party is more evil. Maybe there are two stupid, inept parties, and both are evil.


MAX Redline said...

Interesting, TD - but as Ian pointed out yesterday, Swimmer, "the lyin' of the Senate" hoped to work with the Soviets to defeat Reagan.

Both parties are evil. Pick your poison - or like me, don't.

T. D. said...

I'm like you. I didn't pick either one. I left the Republicans and will not join the Democrats.

Last night I watched Sheriff Clarke (Republican) vs. Julie Roginsky (Democrat). She was decent; he was rude. Donald Trump has transformed the Republican Party into his vile Democrat character. Now groping women is what all men naturally talk about (if not do), and all of a sudden it's okay to demean women (Hillary and by implication Sarah Palin) because presidential politics is rough. Not in my book now. Wasn't in my book when Palin was running either. Not that I don't think Hillary is appalling. But, attacks should be based on issues and actions not sneers.