Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sarah Palin In Decline

Poor Sarah Palin. Her decline has settled in.

One cannot help but feel compassion because of the family difficulties she has had this year. Her husband was badly hurt in a snowmobile accident. Her son threatened suicide and assaulted his girl friend.

Politically, her chosen candidate could care less about her. Trump isn't using her as a surrogate, and didn't want her at the Republican Convention (because Alaska is so far away).

She bends like a pretzel on issues she's felt strongly about before. Now talk of sexual assault (grabbing women by the crotch) and adultery is just locker room talk between boys (though one of them, the one she wants to become President, was 59 years old at the time). "The old Bush and Trump braggart comments were beyond abhorrent and offensive, though both boys apologized for them."

Rightly, neither she, Bristolnor I felt the same when Mike Tyson, a mere 45 year old, indulged in some "boy talk" about wanting to see Palin herself sexually assaulted.

When Trump proposed a new taxpayer funded entitlement giving women paid maternity leave, there was only silence from Palin. This despite years of rightly warning of the danger and "slavery" of rising national debt and the need to free people from dependence on government programs.

Then there's her PAC, SarahPAC. It's latest report shows receipts of $450,000 in 2016 through September. Receipts last year totaled $950,000. So, 3/4ths the way through 2016, she is a little behind what she was at midyear in 2015. It's a 36% drop in donations. Bad news, but not as bad as SarahPAC's expenditures vs receipts. It has spent 50% more in 2016 than it received, though it narrowed the gap to 10% overspending in the third quarter.

The woman is drowning. So sad because she has so much talent, insight and was one of the truly gifted political speakers of the last decade.


MAX Redline said...

Palin has had her moment. It's unfortunate, as she was at one point devastatingly funny and incisive.

T. D. said...

Well, and on top of professional deterioration, there's her family. As much as I dislike how she has acted during this campaign, I still feel so sorry for how her personal life has taken deep hits. Especially, as I mentioned before, because a young man in our family committed suicide a year and a half ago. So, my heart aches for them regarding Track and the demons he's battling.

MAX Redline said...

I have no doubt that her family issues have much to do with her present condition; such things exact a tremendous toll across all areas of life.

T. D. said...

Yes they do. You especially know a lot about it from your wife's work helping people who face difficult challenges.