Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Prayers Are with the Palin Family

Track Palin in happier times
We have lost a beloved young person in our family to suicide--about Track Palin's age (26). Track apparently punched his girlfriend and then threatened to kill himself earlier this week.

Our prayers are with Track and the Palin family as they love and support Track through the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical changes that he needs. Our hearts go out to the entire Palin family.


MAX Redline said...

I'm terribly sorry to see this, TD. It's a traumatic thing, and I can only believe it's derived from a misplaced world-view. When one of my nephews did that some years ago, I suspect that the only person he thought would be affected was him. He was wrong.

T. D. said...

Thank you for your caring response, Max. I think our young man felt the same as yours. And he also was so wrong. My heart is tender toward Track and his family and also (in another post) Chet Hanks and his family with the cocaine problem.