Sunday, January 31, 2016

Major Pro-Life Leaders Urge Iowa Voters to Choose Anyone but Trump

An impressive group of pro-life leaders has come out against Donald Trump's candidacy.  These are women for whom political policy and philosophy are primary. In other words they care about actual outcome not about political power.

They fault Donald Trump for being very positive appointing a judge to the Supreme Court who struck down a partial birth abortion ban in New Jersey (Trump's sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry). Trump has also spoken positively about pro-choice Senator Scott Brown as his VP choice. Further, they are "disgusted" with Donald Trump's treatment of individuals, including women like Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina and those he exploits in his strip club casino. I agree with them 100% and am now officially anti-Trump.

Marjorie Dannenfelser
Here's their statement
Dear Iowans, 
As pro-life women leaders from Iowa and across the nation, we urge Republican caucus-goers and voters to support anyone but Donald Trump. On the issue of defending unborn children and protecting women from the violence of abortion, Mr. Trump cannot be trusted and there is, thankfully, an abundance of alternative candidates with proven records of pro-life leadership whom pro-life voters can support. We have come to this conclusion after having listened patiently to numerous debates and news reports, but most importantly to Donald Trump’s own words. 
The next president will be responsible for as many as four nominations to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump has given us only one indication about the type of judges he would appoint, and it does not bode well for those who would like to see the court overturn Roe v. Wade
Penny Nance
Mr. Trump has said his sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who struck down the Partial Birth Abortion Ban in New Jersey, would be a “phenomenal” choice for the court. Earlier this month, Mr. Trump also said he thought pro-choice Senator Scott Brown would make a “very good” Vice President. If one truly believes, as we do, that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life and is committed to the pro-life priorities of ending abortion after five months, and defunding the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, it would be a disaster to have a vice president who disagrees. 
Moreover, as women, we are disgusted by Mr. Trump’s treatment of individuals, women, in particular. He has impugned the dignity of women, most notably Megyn Kelly, he mocked and bullied Carly Fiorina, and has through the years made disparaging public comments to and about many women. Further, Mr. Trump has profited from the exploitation of women in his Atlantic City casino hotel which boasted of the first strip club casino in the country. 
Star Parker
America will only be a great nation when we have leaders of strong character who will defend both unborn children and the dignity of women. We cannot trust Donald Trump to do either. Therefore we urge our fellow citizens to support an alternative candidate. 
Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director, Iowa Right to Life 
Denise Bubeck, Member and Iowa Volunteer, Concerned Women for America 
Kendra Burger, Director of Educational Outreach, Iowa Right to Life
Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List
Christine Hurley, Iowa Pro-life Activist
Beverly LaHaye, Founder and Chairman, Concerned Women for America
Marilyn Musgrave, Fmr. Congresswoman, VP of Government Affairs, Susan B. Anthony List
Penny Nance, President and CEO, Concerned Women for America
Star Parker, Founder and President, Urbancure
Luana Stoltenberg, Iowa Leader, Operation Outcry
Disclaimer: Titles and affiliations are for identifications purposes only.
The money I would have sent to SarahPAC over the coming months is going to go to some of these organizations instead.

[Governor Palin, please listen to these women and defend babies in the womb and women from disparaging treatment such as you have received from the national media and liberals. Please don't follow in the steps of Rep. Bart Stupak who, to his later sorrow, believed President Obama's false promises.]


MAX Redline said...

Trump, from what I've been reading, is now given a 51% chance of winning the nomination. Things may change, though.

T. D. said...

Lack of self-discipline may change that (unless Trump transforms the Republican party as Obama wanted to transform America). He's either not as smart as Obama or not as disciplined. Obama stuck to "hope and change" without giving content. Trump is giving too much content to "making America great again". Like on health care. He's for the government assuming control of health care "for the poor".


During an interview on "60 Minutes," last September, Trump said, "Everybody's got to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say because a lot of times they say, 'No, no, the lower 25 percent that can't afford private.' But ... I am going to take care of everybody."

Asked how, he said, "I would make a deal with existing hospitals to take care of people." Asked who would pay for it, Trump said, "The government's gonna pay for it. But we're going to save so much money on the other side." Though he went on to add that there would be private competition, the fact that he said government would be paying to ensure healthcare for all and that they'd be negotiating directly with hospitals would mean an expanded role for the state relative to Obamacare.

And last week he called for Medicare to negotiate drug prices, a long-time liberal policy goal that's also currently being advanced by Democratic presidential candidates.

To be clear, Obamacare does not cover everybody and it does not empower government to negotiate drug prices.

MAX Redline said...

Oh yeah - Trump screwed up big time on that "I'm gonna make a deal" thing. As I've said before, Trump is no conservative. His appeal has largely been due to the fact that he's an "outsider".

Amusingly, however, in Iowa, they went for the "Canadian". Trump and Rubio basically tied. I suspect that Rubio will be tapped for VP when all is said and done.

T. D. said...

Rubio would be a good choice for Trump, and he wouldn't hold back on playing the "Hispanic" card against Hillary's "woman" card. Heh. Imagine him skewering the media people. Calling them out on their lack of Hispanic reporters and top brass. It would almost be worth it to see that. Almost.