Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rubio Says Cruz Running a "Deceitful" Campaign But Is His Friend?

Senator Marco Rubio
According to the Washington Examiner, Senator Marco Rubio says Senator Ted Cruz is running a "deceitful" campaign, but is his friend. Rubio goes on to say he will be able to unite the party.
SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Florida Sen. Marco swung at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Iowa on Saturday morning for running a "very deceitful campaign" ahead of the first-in-the-nation caucuses.
Rubio told the crowd he would unite the warring factions of the Republican Party and sought to strike a contrast between himself and Cruz.
"Look, this is the last minute of the campaign, this is where desperation kicks in," Rubio told the crowd gathered in northwestern Iowa. "Ted Cruz has been my friend and is. He's decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end. Some of the things he's saying, people see through that."
A couple of things don't ring true.

Senator Ted Cruz
First, Ted Cruz is Marco Rubio's friend? And yet Rubio says Cruz is running a "deceitful" campaign. Not making wrong charges or even false charges. But is deceitful. Doesn't sound like what one says about a friend. If Rubio is good with being friends with people who do deceitful things, that's not a person with good judgment. Imagine his Supreme Court picks not to mention his top administration picks. But, hopefully the problem is that Rubio is poor at picking correct wording and really does mean wrong or false rather than deceitful.

And, of course, if Cruz is his friend, Rubio hasn't come to Cruz's defense in telling Donald Trump that he is in the Senate and he likes Cruz.

The whole "friend" thing seems to have gone up in smoke for both Rubio and Jeb Bush who used to be best buddies but now are attacking each other. One wonders if they know how to be friends.

Second, Rubio will unite the party saying this sort of thing about the guy who is currently in second place? Hmm. It will be interesting to see how he takes on the guy in first place.


MAX Redline said...

Every politician refers to an opponent as a "friend". It's standard practice, and yet another reason to kick career politicians to the curb.

T. D. said...

It is an often used phrase, but not usually after calling the person's campaign deceitful. Just too much for me.

MAX Redline said...

But GOPe prefers Rubio, so there's that - and they don't even like him much.

T. D. said...

Yep, he can bring the GOPe in. Heh. Is he the main candidate saying he can unite the party? Carson has the persona, but I don't remember Carson saying that. Not to mention that lukewarm uniting is what has been done in all the previous campaigns. What is needed is someone who will inspire the party.