Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Palin Endorses Trump

Update: Rush Limbaugh has an interesting alternative take on why Governor Palin is supporting Trump. Personal identification with his bad treatment from the press and GOP/conservative establishment is a big part of it.
[Palin] "I've already been clobbered. I've been clobbered by the people who are gonna clobber me today before. "And, like you all, I’m still standing. So those of us who’ve kind of gone through the ringer as Mr. Trump has, makes me respect you even more. That you’re here, and you’re putting your efforts, you’re putting reputations, you’re putting relationships on the line to do the right thing for this country. Because you are ready to make America great again."
. . .
[Rush]I think this explains why so many Tea Party supporters and other conservatives are drawn to Trump even if he doesn't, you know, broadcast or display a bunch of conservative credentials.  I mean, people have a bond and a connection here to people who are laughed at, made fun of, criticized, ripped to shreds and so forth just because of what they believe and who they are. 
Then Victor Davis Hanson, as always, is illuminating on why Trump appeals to common people.
Street fighter Trump has an uncanny ability to spot these apparent contradictions [Hillary Clinton's war on women strategy in light of Bill's past behavior]. Jeb Bush is a good person who really was “low-energy.” Trump’s unkind label stuck.
Politicians really do pander in shameless fashion to big-money donors. Who better than Trump to know that? He claims he used to lavish cash on lots of them.
Trump does not play by any political rules because he has always made up or bought his own rules. Such a wheeler-dealer is no more bothered by an anchorman’s raised brow than he was by a banker’s frown.
How does the establishment derail an out-of-control train for whom there are no gaffes, who has no fear of the New York Times, who offers no apologies for speaking what much of the country thinks — and who apparently needs neither money from Republicans nor politically correct approval from Democrats?

Sigh. I can understand some of the reasoning.

1. Trump has a level of polling that should make him the presumptive nominee. Nationally near 35% with his closest competitor Cruz at a little more than half that 19.3%. Cruz is intellectually much more capable but he doesn't have the votes or the charisma to attract and energize (as both Palin and Trump have).

2. Trump and Cruz are fighting over the same votes and likely to damage one another and conservative momentum (now at about 65% if Carson is included) rather than clarify differences.

3. Trump does have real world abilities that Cruz does not have. (My friend MaxRedline said in a recent comment: "There are actually a couple of things that Trump has going for him: he knows business, and he's not hobbled by political correctness.")

4. Trump is much more likely to pick up the Reagan Democrat demographic than Cruz.

 But . . .

5. Palin's speech was not one of her best. It was rambling and should have been cut by about half*--focusing on Trump's good points.

6. Cruz is a conservative with well thought out and consistent positions in almost all the major areas. Trump is not. But then Palin herself was originally a moderate conservative who was a reformer at heart. She wanted to clean up Alaska politics and risked her political career by going after corruption in her own party. It is her common sense that has informed her conservatism. And Trump may be made of the same stuff.

7. Cruz has fought in the trenches and taken the hits for fighting against the GOP establishment. They hate him, the media hates him, and of course the Left hates him. None of them were rabidly anti-Trump before Trump started spouting non-politically correct thoughts. They may have laughed at Trump but they didn't hate him. As a businessman he gave big donations and was a go along, get along kind of guy.

8. Among some of the non-political young (even would be conservative leaners) contempt for Trump is almost visceral, whereas Cruz is mostly off their radar. (On the other hand, the young are notorious for not showing up on election day.)

So, I think Palin was smart to come out now for Trump. This is probably the best timing for impact with the conservative, evangelical voting base in Iowa. But, she could have done it much better both for Trump's sake and her own reputation as a conservative stateswoman.

I personally still support Cruz and Carson and will vote for one of them if they are still on the ballot when the Oregon primary is held. The endorsement didn't sway me. But, I still love and admire Sarah Palin.

And I must say that Ted Cruz showed the most class by tweeting that he loves Sarah Palin no matter who she endorses. That's a man with good values, loyalty, gratitude and a wonderful humility. All are terrific character traits in a man who wants to lead the nation.

As for the national election, I continue to follow the Mark Levin orange juice can approach of having a very low threshold to get my vote.
I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. I told you before with Barack Obama, I would vote for an orange juice can over Barack Obama.
*start at about the 53 minute point


MAX Redline said...

I'd prefer Cruz, personally, but he's not going to get the nomination. Nor is Carson. Nor is Jeb!, so that kind of leaves Trump - whose polling numbers are huge; he's blasting Jeb! and Rubio out of the water in their home state.

As you note, Cruz has class and intellect. But he also has values, which is why the GOPe can't stand him. My guess is that the GOPe will hold their collective noses and go with Trump, while the DNCe does the same and go with Bernie.

Hey, and thanks for the reference...:-)

T. D. said...

Right on no values. And he smiles when confronted with that--like on no citizenship problem with Cruz in Sept. and a real problem in January. As Cruz pointed out the Constitution hasn't changed but the impediment to Trump personally has. That's why Bob Dole and Orrin Hatch are going pro-Trump. He's the master of the deal and of crony capitalism. I fully expect George Will and Bill Kristol to do an about face. That part is fun. Having the country's policies running on a roulette wheel from day to day will not be fun.