Thursday, January 07, 2016

Palin Spoofs Tina Fey

Interesting that she included Sen. Lindsey Graham in the joke, and he was willing.

Palin has fun with some of her own jokes (the Big Gulp) in connecting them to Tina Fey's trade mark "[c]haracters with embarrassing addictions to junk food".

Mainly it shows how Palin likes to have fun along with her serious side. Hillary Clinton would kill for this kind of ability to connect and be fun.

It reminds how the media goons have done everything they can to personally destroy Palin who is bright, talented and funny. The press in their group think are shameful, disgusting people who rightly deserve their low confidence rating among the American people. Only Congress rates lower (8%). TV news ties with Big Business (21%) and newspapers (24%) tie organized labor's low and barely edge above the criminal justice system (23%).

H/T Conservatives for Palin


MAX Redline said...

One of many reasons why the bitter Left so often demonize her - how dare she be funny!

T. D. said...

Or how dare she be smart.

Here's a reasonable CNN take:

"Palin's turn as Lemon isn't nearly as biting as Fey's caricature of Palin, and avoids serious criticism or ridicule. The target of the joke, instead, is much-maligned "PC culture" and so-called "safe spaces," as Palin's character struggles to write and produce a comedy show when faced with so many sensitivity concerns."

MAX Redline said...

Amusing. Who knew CNN could be reasonable? They must be trying to get their ratings out of the tank.

T. D. said...

You may be right. Following the MSNBC model sure won't work. So, maybe they are trying a little Fox.