Friday, January 22, 2016

Black Actors Matter--Where Are Tom Hanks and the Other "Progressive" Hollywood Whites When It Counts?

Update: I removed all mention of Hanks' son from the post. My first and total response should have been only compassion for the drug problems his son faces. I apologize to my readers and ask the Hanks family for forgiveness.


It's rich that all the supposedly racially sensitive Hollywood progressives couldn't find a single black person to nominate for an academy award in key categories this year and last year.

Where are the white progressive Hollywood leaders who acknowledge the underlying racism in Hollywood? How many of the privileged white Hollywood leaders are boycotting the Academy Awards in solidarity? Zero. Apparently only blacks care if blacks are overlooked in progressive Hollywood.

Tom Hanks should boycott as penance for being okay with a guy in blackface until conservatives pointed out how offensive it was eight years after the fact.

Actually, Hanks and the Hollywood movie industry probably aren't racist--just not too bright about making sure to appear politically correct at all times. But, of course, they never give the people they criticize any leeway. They're the first to point fingers and call other people out for being racist when most of the time it's just being on auto-pilot and not self-censoring every word and action.

Of course the Sony hack in 2014 showed there is racism and sexism in progressive Hollywood. So, maybe I'm being too kind in just considering the Oscar nominations as a politically correct problem.

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