Wednesday, November 03, 2010

60% of Palin-Endorsed Candidates Win

UPDATE 2: The incomplete Washington Post Palin tracker now has Palin with a 62% win rate with 33 wins, 20 losses (counting Joe Miller in Alaska as a loss) and one race to be decided (Emmer in Minnesota). The complete results at organize4palin have 59 wins out of 81 endorsements with 2 races still to be decided (Emmer and Miller). Though they don't yet have Buerkle in NY as a win, she has won that race. That's a 72.8% win rate!

UPDATE: My bad! Governor Palin actually has a 64% win rate (close to veto override level). I trusted the Washington Post to be accurate. Oh, dear. One has fact check the lions of the mainstream media even on the most basic fact issues.

Governor Palin endorsed 81 candidates. Of those 52 have won and 7 are in contests yet to be decided (like Joe Miller in Alaska). So, Palin's possible win rate is an even more amazing 73%.


Former Governor Sarah Palin had a good election night. She endorsed 54 candidates in the 2010 election, and 32 (60%) of them have won. A 60% win rate is massive--equivalent to a filibuster proof senate. Poor President Obama has a much more dismal win rate for those he endorsed/campaigned for. He would be thrilled today if 50%, not to mention 60%, of his endorsed candidates had won.

Five of Palin's endorsed candidates are in races that have not yet been called. So, Palin's win rate can, depending on how many of the five win, rise to nearly 70%. The Washington Post's Palin endorsement tracker:

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