Monday, November 22, 2010

National Review Fires a Shot over Its Own Bow

Jim Geraghty of National Review (NR) fires a shot over his magazine's bow with the interesting intelligence that on NR's recent cruise 2/3rds of the folks he talked to were "wildly enthusiastic about Sarah Palin". These are NR's monied, one might say "establishment", types able to go on a cruise with top NR staff and pundits.

Interestingly, National Review, just published a hit piece on Palin by Mona Charen. Charen advised Governor Palin to get an Oprah-like talk show rather than run for president. One assumes that Charen might advise enthusiastic Palin supporters on the NR cruise to similarly start watching Oprah-type shows and leave off reading NR.

I have been the financial manager for a publishing house, and it's not too smart to tell your reading public that they're stupid.

Perhaps Geraghty's column will help NR to listen a little better to its base.

The other alternative is to hone persuasion skills and try to flip the 2/3rds "wildly enthusiastic" Palin support to the 1/3rd not. Good luck with flipping public opinion--as President Obama and the Democrats found out in the last election.

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