Friday, November 19, 2010

Could TSA Employees Face Criminal Charges for Following Orders?

UPDATE: The other side:
"But I’m afraid some people are directing their anger at the wrong target. Ron Paul, for instance, has introduced legislation to remove TSA employees’ immunity from prosecution and arrest them for assault. Kick the Bureaucrat is a game conservatives love to play, and sometimes it’s justified, but this time it isn’t. The problem is the policy that the White House and its minions have instructed their subordinates in the civil service to carry out. And it’s not just the Obama folks; Bush insisted on this non-profiling approach, and Republicans ran Congress for four years after 9/11 and supinely permitted it."
NW Republican has an interesting take.
". . . today's TSA employees who molest law-abiding men, women, and children should consider that as the public backlash against what would otherwise be illegal body searches ("pat-downs") grows, it is possible they could find themselves on the receiving end of criminal prosecution in the future, perhaps even years after their TSA employment is over."
The post points out that "following orders" is not a defense when committing a crime.

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