Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for C. S. Lewis

from the Life magazine photos collection
On this day 47 years ago C. S. (Jack) Lewis passed into the presence of his Lord.

He was a man of clear thinking, clear writing on even the most difficult subjects, and integrity. He was also a humble and loving man. The reader is always treated as his equal and his friend.

Lewis left the world a wonderful legacy in different literary genres. There are his children's books (Narnia), science fiction trilogy, Christian fantasy, literary criticism, and clear, reasoned defense and elucidation of basic Christian beliefs. Some of my favorites:

Mere Christianity
The Magician's Nephew
The Screwtape Letters
That Hideous Strength

collections of essays such as:
God in the Dock
and Christian Reflections

I was able to visit the Lewis house in 1973 just after the death of Jack's beloved brother, Major Warren Lewis. Here is a photo of C. S. Lewis's desk used by Major Lewis after his brother's death.*

C. S. Lewis has enriched my life beyond description.  Thank you, Lord, for C. S. Lewis.
*The Dibutsu Buddha statue is one that Warren Lewis bought in 1930 on a stopover in Japan during his trip back from military service in China.


Pudim said...

"Thank you, Lord, for C.S. Lewis."

I can't imagine how many souls in this world have already prayed this way. This is beautiful.

T. D. said...

Thanks, Pudim. I still say it and pray it today. :-)