Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time to Say "No" to the TSA

UPDATE: Here's how to do an effective search without humiliating or groping passengers:
"Israel's El Al is universally recognized as having the best airport security in the world -- and they don't have security guards pulling pretty women out of line so they can look at them naked in body scanners. They also don't feel up women and run their hands over children's crotches for security purposes.

"So what do they do? Here's "Isaac Yeffet, the former head of security for El Al" to explain it,

"'It's mandatory that every passenger -- I don't care his religion or whatever he is -- every passenger has to be interviewed by security people who are qualified and well-trained, and are being tested all year long. I trained my guys and educated them, that every flight, for them, is the first flight."

"'...We are constantly in touch with the Israeli intelligence to find out if there are any suspicious passengers among hundreds of passengers coming to take the flight.'

"'...During the year, we did thousands of tests of our security guys around the world. It cost money, but once you save lives, it's worth all the money that the government gave us to have the right security system.""

Read the rest here.

Coyote at NW Republican has some good commentary on this issue.

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