Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Ben Carson Not Ready for Prime Time

Update 3: Back to square one. Carson is again blaming Cruz with an anger he does not have for CNN. No mention of CNN in this "Here are the facts". Very sad.

Update 2: A Ben Carson email to supporters today names CNN as culprit, and there is no mention of Cruz. Maybe Carson listened to what O'Reilly was saying. This is a good sign.

I post this sadly because I have supported Dr. Carson since last August.

Dr. Ben Carson is a smart man and a good man. But, in the midst of a storm, he is apparently guided by others or not able to think through an issue clearly.

Doctor Carson was on the O'Reilly Factor tonight talking about tactics that the Cruz campaign used during the Iowa caucuses. Apparently CNN tweeted out false information that Carson was quitting the race. Cruz people then argued at some of the caucuses that Carson voters should support Cruz in light of that information.

Carson is mad that Cruz people did this and that Cruz didn't have better control over his people. But, under Bill O'Reilly's questioning, Carson did not appear a bit incensed at CNN and the person in their organization who sent out the false information. Carson is only angry at Cruz and wants to see Cruz organization heads tumble. Nothing about CNN heads. Actually, nowhere in the entire interview does Carson show anger at CNN or question their reporting/tweeting ethics.

Hmm. This sounds totally political. Carson doesn't want to say bad things about CNN because they have power to really hurt his campaign beyond losing a few votes in Iowa. O'Reilly, of course, is very interested in blacking CNN's eye as a Fox News competitor. O'Reilly showed more interest in the media lie than Carson.

All in all, Carson's reaction seems to be that the lie itself is a tempest in a teacup, but the people who believed the lie are the real villains. Sort of like blaming IRS functionaries for carrying out targeting orders given to them and letting the higher decision makers go free. Not the kind of man who should be making hard decisions in the White House.

Note: Updated with video of the entire interview.


MAX Redline said...

In many ways, I admire the doctor. He is, as you note, smart and good. But I haven't been able to see him as presidential material. His only qualification is that he's not an insider.

T. D. said...

Have to agree with you, Max. You've been saying this for quite awhile. It has taken me much longer. Sigh.

MAX Redline said...

Sorry, TD. Carson's a great guy, and an excellent doctor. But he can't cure what ails this country. Would that he could.

T. D. said...

Yes, me too. I'm sad that he is showing himself somewhat of a flake in all this. Apparently the Rubio campaign also told their people that Carson was dropping out, but not a word about that. He's only angry at Cruz. Maybe because Carson people (like me) lean more to Cruz than to Rubio. Very disappointing. But, helpful to me to be back to only one candidate. Heh.