Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump Treats Christie Like a Six Year Old: Get in the plane. Go Home.

Poor Governor Chris Christie. He was the headliner on Friday with his surprise endorsement of Donald Trump. His political reputation and power were on display. Now Trump treats Christie like a six year old. At a big campaign event, Trump doesn't want Christie around while Trump is speaking. So, Trump says to Christie: "Get in the plane and go home. It's over there. You go home." Though Christie does say, "Got it." So, he might be okay with being Trump's underling with a chance at Vice President or Attorney General.

Still one hypothesizes why Trump uses that phrasing.

First, of course, the only person in Donald Trump's universe of value is Donald Trump. So telling Christie to get lost when he's of no further use is reasonable.

Second, Trump is a showman and vain. He cares about optics. He never learned that people who don't look good (e.g., Abraham Lincoln) can be truly great and much superior to Trump himself. Christie isn't visually attractive. So, all that Christie has accomplished is as nothing to Trump. Having Christie in the background messes up the image for Trump.

It's not safe to be either Trump's supporter or opponent. He unleashes direct insults at opponents. But because Trump is utterly dense about how to treat people with kindness and respect, his high profile supporters get indirect blasts too.

Two days ago it was Sarah Palin. We learned that Trump thinks people who quit a campaign for a political office defraud the public they supposedly agreed to serve. Palin resigned the governorship of Alaska in 2009 and was called a quitter by many but not until Trump was she indirectly called a defrauder. Palin's offense was much greater because she actually quit her elected position. Rubio only declined to run again.

Yesterday it was Chris Christie. The story is that Christie chose Trump over Rubio because he was offended that 44 year old Rubio was patronizing in telling Christie in a private voice mail message that Christie had a bright future in public service. Oh boy, from the frying pan to the fire. Trump publicly tells him the equivalent of get in the car and go home.

Apparently there's no safe place to stand when Trump is around. Somehow it brings to mind the scenario in Proverbs 26:18: Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows and death,


MAX Redline said...

Christie isn't visually attractive.

Okay. But a guy who looks like he has a ferret on his head is?

T. D. said...

But, he's the candidate. Can't do much about that. Heh.