Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thomas Sowell Endorses Ted Cruz

Here's what Thomas Sowell says about the three leading Republican candidates:

On Ted Cruz:
If the Republicans are to avoid having Donald Trump lead them -- and the country -- to disaster, they are going to have to have the majority of non-Trump supporters get behind some given candidate.
Senator Ted Cruz has been criticized in this column before, and will undoubtedly be criticized here again. But we can only make our choices among those actually available, and Senator Cruz is the one who comes to mind when depth and steadfastness come to mind. 
As someone who once clerked for a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he will know how important choosing Justice Scalia's replacement will be. And he has the intellect to understand much more.
(emphasis added) 
On Marco Rubio:
The governors among the Republican candidates can at least be judged by how their track record stands up in running a governmental organization. So can Senator Ted Cruz, who was solicitor general in Texas. But Senator Marco Rubio has no comparable experience -- and his inexperience has shown up in his abortive attempt to join Democrats in promoting amnesty.
(emphasis added)
On Donald Trump:
Unfortunately, the way the Republican primaries are set up, Trump can win all the delegates from some states without having to get a majority of the votes in any state. But in the general election in November, a candidate usually has to win a majority in a state, in order to win that state's votes in the Electoral College.
The Republicans can end up with a candidate who cannot even get a majority of Republicans' votes, much less a majority of the votes in the general population.
If, by some miracle, Trump became president, what kind of president would he be? Do we need another self-centered know-it-all in the White House to replace the one we have now?
(emphasis added)

H/T Mark Levin 


MAX Redline said...

Cruz has demonstrated his ability to keep calm despite provocations. The Donald? Not so much.

T. D. said...

Yes, and Cruz's response to Trump's threatened lawsuit is a classic instance. Tump: I'm gonna sue you for defamation. Cruz: Bring it on. I'd love to depose you under oath.

MAX Redline said...

Trump's been threatening to sue because Cruz is a Canadian, too. I know Trump's really popular in some circles - but then, so is Cliven Bundy.

T. D. said...

We'll see if he is losing popularity as the NBC/WSJ polls seem to indicate. Trump calling Bush a liar on the Iraq War, praising Planned Parenthood, saying he's "neutral" on Israel. All of these are putting anyone who actually thinks a little bit among his supporters into silent agreement with positions they vehemently fought against when the Democrats were proposing them. I took down the picture of the Palins with the Netanyahus from my blog because Gov. Palin has not pushed back on that. Being pro-Israel used to be a big part of what she believed in. Now, who knows? Really sad for people like Gov. Palin and Jeff Lord, both of whom I admire.

MAX Redline said...

Palin does seem to have started to lose it. Last election, she had good sense. This one, not so much.

T. D. said...

Yep, Gov. Palin seems to be supporting a guy who is against what used to be some of her main beliefs.

1. Neutral on Israel
2. For the healthcare mandate
3. Believes George W. Bush lied on WMD
4. Planned Parenthood should receive taxpayer funding for the good things it does

She seems to have been snookered, and it's hard to back out once you've publicly and splashily endorsed. Same with Ann Coulter--though she got snookered last election too.

ZZMike said...

About the 'Republican non-majority': look at the way Hillary ended up with all the delegates, 505 to Samders' 71. Her 'superdelegates' look like they're going to turn the election.

From an NPR story: "... unpledged party leaders and elected official delegates, better known as "superdelegates."

Among this group, Clinton leads Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 359 to 8, ..."

Never underestimate the conniving and backstabbing the CLintons are prone to.

T. D. said...

ZZ, definitely! The Clintons are masters at cheating, backstabbing and smearing opponents. They only missed on Obama because the media was almost 100% behind him.

And, of course, at manufacturing votes.

The Dems are far ahead of the Republicans on this. Take Lyndon Johnson's 1948 senatorial bid.