Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump Promotes Korean Jobs Over American Jobs

In the recent dust up over Apple being forced to create a way to break into their product, Donald Trump called for a boycott of Apple until they caved and agreed to create a new service.

Here's one of his tweets about the issue:

Trump is the guy who has promised to create American jobs. But, given the chance to promote American jobs, he chooses promoting Samsung, a Korean company. In his own buying he supports foreign jobs. Why does he have a Samsung? He could have promoted Motorola among cell phone makers. Or he could have focused on Apple computers and said he urges people to buy Dell computers. But, no. He promotes Samsung.

People have already noted that his clothing line is made in Mexico and China.

Trump doesn't lead by example in his business, his personal buying practices or what he promotes as an example for others. Maybe he too leads from behind. More likely, he has no real principles on this core issue of his campaign. It would have been so easy to promote an American business in this. But, Trump didn't even think of it.


MAX Redline said...

Apple bought Motorola, and AlGore sits on Apple's board.

By the way, I'm not defending Trump - as you know, I'd prefer Cruz. I'm just connecting dots.

Bern wants to grow government. Granny does as well. And Trump's happy to go with that.

By the way, Dell has had a security breach, and scammers are already calling owners, claiming to be from Dell - just a heads-up in case you know anyone who has a Dell.

T. D. said...

Thanks for keeping me honest, Max. I should have just stuck to the computers point. We have two Dells and an HP along with a number of "foreign" makes.

Dell doesn't have my phone number. Heh.

MAX Redline said...

Oh, you do honest really well, TD. All I do is add a little data from time to time, just to add a bit of spice to the mix.

Like I said, the Dell scam was included as just a heads-up (I just learned about it a few hours ago). Doesn't affect us, as I built all of the systems in our network - which is how I qualify for OEM installations. ;-)

I love the Lefties who rant against oil while using their computer keyboards made from oil....

T. D. said...

Well, I appreciate your sharing needed information, Max! And your heads up about scams. I've learned about a number of them from you and passed the info on to family and friends.

You're my go to guy on tech stuff. Thanks!

MAX Redline said...

Just glad you don't find me too annoying, TD. I try to stay on top of stuff that interests me, and as a guy who builds and fixes computers and networks, the Dell breach caught my eye. It hasn't been widely reported, but it should have been.

T. D. said...

No way annoying. You're a prized resource. I also really appreciate people who help me see where I missed something. I want to blog as close to what is true as I can. Thanks, Max!