Friday, February 26, 2016

Jerry Falwell Jr. Doesn't Understand How Crucial Moral Policy Is

Alert: This post is more for evangelicals. So, it may not be of interest to conservatives at large.

Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Today on Greta Van Susteren’s show Jerry Falwell, Jr., said evangelical Christians are pro-Trump because they believe the country itself is at stake in terms of the economy and national security. They think Trump can save the U.S. in those areas so they are not as interested in social issues (read: Christian values) as they have been in the past. Falwell said:
I think this time evangelicals are looking at different issues than they have in the past because they are trying to save the country. I think the security of the country, the economy, maybe next time they will be looking at social issues more like they did in the past. But I think this time, I heard a very prominent pastor . . . tell me just this week that if we don’t save the country then abortion, traditional marriage, all those social issues are going to be a moot point. We’ve got to save the country first. And I believe and many evangelicals, a majority of evangelicals, believe that Donald Trump is best equipped to save the country in those areas. 
Sarah Palin argued something similar in her devotional book, Sweet Freedom. She implied that God may want Christians to support candidates without Christian values because those candidates can protect the nation best.
“In the Bible, the leaders God chooses to advance His purpose are a diverse bunch, and none of them is perfect. In the Old Testament, God even used Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar to protect and promote Daniel and his Jewish friends to important, influential positions over the city.”
(Day 50) 
Well, not exactly. The same Nebuchadnezzar tried to throw Daniel’s three friends into a fiery furnace because they wouldn’t bow down and worship the image he set up. (Daniel 3) It took divine intervention to save them and their fellow Jews from Nebuchadnezzar’s wicked policy.

Nebuchadnezzar was chosen as an instrument of punishment for Judah and destruction if the people of Judah didn’t return to God. (Jeremiah 27, Ezekiel 23:23-31) Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t chosen as an instrument to lead the Jewish nation to a safe, profitable existence. Nor were Cyrus (Ezra 1) and Darius (Ezra 6) chosen for that even though each had an important role in providing for the return of some of the Jewish captives to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Temple.

Greta, being the polite person she is, did not ask Falwell about Trump’s praise for Planned Parenthood. But, embarrassment over that praise seems to be the reason Falwell was trying to explain why abortion wasn’t a big deal to evangelicals this election.

Planned Parenthood is responsible for the murder of 6 million babies in the United States in the last 40 years. The ongoing killing of those babies at a current clip of 325,000 a year is one of the social issues Falwell and evangelicals are not concerned about until economic and security problems are handled. A candidate who has made a payroll is more important than a candidate who opposes an organization which kill 325,000 babies a year.

The remnant of Judah tried something similar after the fall of Jerusalem. They fled to Egypt for protection from Nebuchadnezzar despite God clearly telling them not to do so. They also said they were going to continue worshiping other gods since worshiping Jehovah had not worked out so well for them. (Jeremiah 42-44) They did not seek to follow God, stop killing babies, treat the poor right, or turn from idolatry. (Jeremiah 7)

They thought their very existence was in the balance, so they disobeyed Jeremiah’s instructions and went to Egypt which looked like a going society that could keep Nebuchadnezzar at bay. Egypt was making its payroll.

The remnant Jews were right. Their very existence was in grave danger. They just chose the wrong way to insure their safety and prosperity. They trusted in practical measures rather than in God.

One doesn't get security by ignoring God’s laws and values until the “big” crisis is over. Ignoring them is the crisis. That’s a lesson Jerry Falwell, Jr., and too many other evangelical voters have not learned.


MAX Redline said...

I'd say your interpretation is correct; Falwell could learn from you.

T. D. said...

Thanks for the affirmation, Max. I don't follow Falwell so I can't guess about his knowledge or ability to reason. But, he has obviously put himself in a hard spot and feels the heat about the need to come up with some justification to defend it.

But, I really feel sorry for Palin and Jeff Lord who do have knowledge and ability to reason. They have hooked their cart to Trump and are in for the ride wherever he pulls them.

Man, I'm glad the one candidate I pulled away from, Ben Carson, only showed a lack of top executive ability to make a good decision rather than megalomania, inveterate lying, abuse of others and no compunction about trashing the Constitution.

MAX Redline said...

Yep, Palin really messed up on this one. That was most disappointing.

No question that Carson's a smart guy, and affable. It's unfortunate that he never stood a chance in the national arena - heck, look what the local Leftists did to a gifted pediatric neurosurgeon who dared to run against a Democratic.

Anonymous said...

You do understand that Trump does NOT believe in abortion? And he also believes that PP should NOT get public funding as long as they DO abortions.

I agree with the good pastor who said that when we no longer have a country left, all the social issues (as in abortion and many, many others) in the world will be a moot point.

MAX Redline said...

Interesting perspective, Anon. I didn't realize that anybody still used AOL until you showed up.

T. D. said...

90789. . ., no I do not understand that Trump does not believe in abortion. He says he doesn't now, but he hasn't explained his position in depth nor has he demonstrated by any clear action that he does not believe in abortion.

1. Trump says that Planned Parenthood, the major abortion provider in the U.S., does good things. If that were our standard we would support and praise illegal immigrants. They do many good things and only have that one little area where they are breaking the law. Also, Trump has said nothing about investigating and prosecuting Planned Parenthood for the possible felonies regarding selling fetal parts. I guess that's okay with him.

2. Trump has supported with big donations pro-abortion candidates. Abortion is not a big issue to him in his giving.

If we are reduced to okay killing children, torturing our enemies, allowing without protest a President who calls for boycotting American companies and threatens individuals for donating to groups who oppose him politically, we will already have lost our Constitution and country. It means we have no real principles only fair weather principles. Who wants to die for fair weather principles or ask our brave men and women in the military to die for them?

I feel sorry for Jerry Falwell, Jr., but I wouldn't want him covering my back on anything significant. He and his pastor friend would give in if he thought there were any real danger. Maybe they would tell lies in court to get rid of people they thought were dangerous. Certainly they have no real commitment to the lives of the babies being aborted. Let a million or so die (at 327,000 a year) to save the country and then we may well care in another election cycle? I don't think so.

Thanks for your comment. It was thoughtful and polite. I appreciate that.

T. D. said...

Max, yes the last Oregon senatorial election was very sad. And the press dissected Dr. Wehby for small things (supposed but never prosecuted "stalking"), but let Kitzhaber pass with major personal political (Cylvia Hayes) and straight political (Cover Oregon) problems.

Dr. Carson continues to have a deer-in-the-headlights inability to really respond to what is going on around him. He says good things, but they are more like canned sound bites than actual responses to what is going on around him. Please, somebody insult me? Really? If he and Kasich were really upset at the infighting around them, one of them should have said, "Hey, fellas (or more appropriately early on, Mr. Trump), grow up. Quit the name calling and act like men and talk policy." Instead they wring their hands and huff and puff off the debate stage.