Friday, February 19, 2016

For Trump Truth Is a Moving Object

Update 2: Donald Trump was enthusiastic about the Iraq war on day 2 of the war.

"On the second day of the Iraq War in 2003, Donald Trump said that the effort begun by President George W. Bush appeared to be 'a tremendous success from a military standpoint.'

"Trump, now the Republican presidential front-runner, told Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Channel that the conflict would help Wall Street.

"'Wall Street's waiting to see what happens, but even before the fact they're obviously taking it a little bit for granted — and it looks like a tremendous success from a military standpoint, and I think this is really nothing compared to what you're gonna see after the war is over,' Trump said, BuzzFeed News reports."

Update: Now Trump says he wasn't calling Cruz's faith into question.
"I'm not questioning his faith," Trump told NBC's "Today" show reporters Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist. "I did say that Ted Cruz holds up the Bible and then lies. He's been caught on almost all occasions. He did voter violation forms, which is a fraud. He did so many things so bad. I've never seen anything like it."
But in a tweet (which Newsmax didn't quote) Trump said: "How can Ted Cruz be an Evangelical Christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest?"

Trump doesn't seem to know what he says or what he believes. He just says whatever comes into his mind at the moment.

Donald Trump's answer in CNN's town hall tonight was illuminating. A man asked Trump if he was willing to walk back his assertion that George W. Bush lied. (about the 22 minute mark in the town hall tape) Trump tried to change the subject, but Anderson Cooper pressed him.

Finally Trump said he would have to review the documents before he could give an answer. In other words, Trump called President Bush a liar without having clear evidence of a lie.

A woman questioner asked him if he could exercise self-control. (about the 10 minute mark) He answered that he went to a good school and has an uncle who was an MIT professor. In other words, he comes from a good family and can easily act appropriately. I can do whatever I want. . . . I can act differently for different people." Donald Trump is like an alcoholic who says he can easily stop drinking, but his daily life shows the opposite.

He changes his views from interview to interview. This morning in a carefully read speech he called the Pope's comments on Trump not being a Christian "disgraceful". Tonight at the town hall he had a very mild response to the Pope. Even starting with a carefully read statement, Trump's position changed from morning to evening.

Trump has also said he was against the war in Iraq from the beginning. Then when confronted with evidence that he did support invading Iraq in 2002, he said he wasn't a politician then. As though that has anything to do with what his early position was.

Though I think the Pope was wrong ethically and doctrinally to say Trump is not a Christian, it's ironic that this comes after Trump has been calling Ted Cruz's Christianity into question. What goes around comes around.

Trump is as unstable as water. Truth is a moving object to him. It is whatever is convenient.


MAX Redline said...

He also said that he likes the Obamacare mandate. But apparently he wants to replace Obamacare with something even more...mandatable?

T. D. said...

Right, Max. None of it makes sense. Trump seems to have no clear views or policies. He is, to quote former President Jimmy Carter, "completely maleable".

MAX Redline said...

That is precisely what makes Trump so scary; he'll roll wherever waves move him.

T. D. said...

Just as scary is that his supporters don't care about the constitution, truth or policy either. If he suddenly changed his mind on building the wall they would be okay with that too. I don't think they would mind if he were under FBI investigation either. That unquestioning loyalty is what prompted his statement that he could kill someone and his supporters would still support him.