Friday, February 26, 2016

Loose Cannon Trump Wounds Endorser Palin

Donald Trump lets fly whatever come into his head. Today, taking aim at Senator Marco Rubio, Trump berated Rubio for quitting his Senate job thereby having "defrauded" the people of Florida. Trump's reasoning is that being voted in is an agreement to represent the people. If you quit, in breaking the agreement with them you are defrauding them.

Gov. Sarah Palin announcing resignation
July, 2009
Well, guess which high profile Trump endorser also quit her elected position? Yep, Sarah Palin. People called her a quitter. But, this is the first time that a major political figure has said directly that resigning a political position defrauds the voters. By Trump's logic Palin defrauded Alaskans by resigning.

It has been clear it is not safe to be a Trump opponent. But, it's becoming clear that friends and endorsers are in danger too. Trump uses any weapon at hand without regard to who it wounds.


MAX Redline said...

Well, Trump knows a thing or two about defrauding investors....

T. D. said...

More than a thing or two. He's a master at using the law to legally take and give no return. Bodes well for fitting into a political career.

Poor Gov. Palin. I'd rather be shellacked as one of Trump's enemies than one of his friends.