Monday, June 27, 2011

160 Million Women Missing . . . Aborted

Ross Douthat shows seriousness in his current column:
". . . the number of “missing” women has risen to more than 160 million, and a journalist named Mara Hvistendahl has given us a much more complete picture of what’s happened. Her book is called “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.” As the title suggests, Hvistendahl argues that most of the missing females weren’t victims of neglect. They were selected out of existence, by ultrasound technology and second-trimester abortion."
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Unfortunately, this genocide is not due to some madman tyrant. It comes from Western helpers like the Rockefeller Foundation and Planned Parenthood.
". . . Western governments and philanthropic institutions have their fingerprints all over the story of the world’s missing women."

"From the 1950s onward, Asian countries that legalized and then promoted abortion did so with vocal, deep-pocketed American support. Digging into the archives of groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Hvistendahl depicts an unlikely alliance between Republican cold warriors worried that population growth would fuel the spread of Communism and left-wing scientists and activists who believed that abortion was necessary for both “the needs of women” and “the future prosperity — or maybe survival — of mankind,” as the Planned Parenthood federation’s medical director put it in 1976."
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Murder and "kindness" have been mixed in one lethal cup. Douthat sums up:
"This places many Western liberals, Hvistendahl included, in a distinctly uncomfortable position. Their own premises insist that the unborn aren’t human beings yet, and that the right to an abortion is nearly absolute. A self-proclaimed agnostic about when life begins, Hvistendahl insists that she hasn’t written 'a book about death and killing.' But this leaves her struggling to define a victim for the crime that she’s uncovered."
. . .
"Here the anti-abortion side has it easier. We can say outright what’s implied on every page of 'Unnatural Selection,' even if the author can’t quite bring herself around.

"The tragedy of the world’s 160 million missing girls isn’t that they’re 'missing.' The tragedy is that they’re dead."
The whole column is worth a read.

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Anonymous said...

If it said 160 million men missing, women would just laugh & think it was a big joke.