Saturday, June 11, 2011

Media Clowns; Serious Palin

The media (especially the New York Times and Washington Post) have made Governor Sarah Palin's e-mail dump into a circus. Unfortunately, they cast themselves as the clowns.

Meanwhile, across town, Governor Palin has been found doing serious business. From Politico about the 1:55 mark:
"The e-mails (not only ?) show like how effective she is, but it shows how attentive she is as governor. She’s paying very close attention to stuff. You know, ranging from small issues to very large issues. She’s very hands on with her staff in terms of not only reaching out and soliciting advice, but offering her own. She is, like, very decisive in a lot of these things."

Astonishing that there is a major political figure in the country who turns out to be honest and straight forward when one actually has the chance to dig through their e-mails. As Stephen Bannon notes (about the 7:05 and 38:00 marks), Palin is like Reagan in that for both of them "words and deeds are one and the same".

H/T Josh Painter


James Nicholas said...

"We need a fundamental restoration of what's good about America"

I have not heard someone so upbeat and unapologetic about America since Ronald Reagan. I love that about her.

Good stuff.

T. D. said...

I do too, James!