Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sarah's New Video and a Winning Strategy

Available at SarahPAC

And a fun post on the power of Palin: Palin can 'snap her fingers' for money, run and beat Obama, warns GOP expert. Dee Dee Benkie makes the "snap her fingers" and raise tons of money point as well as where Palin's winning votes will come from.

1) Palin "will motivate the base, will over-produce with the base".

The author of the article, Devonia Smith, makes a further important point.

2) The election will be between two polarizing candidates and "might very well be a case of 'May the best polarizing candidate win'".

These are crucial points when 40% of Americans self-identify as conservative and only 21% as liberal. So Palin would start out with twice the number of "base" voters to appeal to. She has to peel off less than a third of the moderate voters, while Obama would have to get more than 2/3rds.

And Palin won't have a cratered economy, having driven up a huge national deficit to unsustainable levels, or the unpopularity of Obamacare to carry.

H/T Ian Lazaran

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