Friday, June 10, 2011

Palin E-Mails: Questions on Personal Targeting and Media Incompetence

Has any other former (or sitting) governor of a state, who served from 2006 to 2008, had to turn over their e-mails? Governor Kulongoski hasn't had to. Has even Rod Blagojevich had to?

So, what's with the personal targeting? Seems to be the result of rooting out corruption in the state and offending major leaders in both parties. A badge of honor for Palin.

What's with the New York Times and the Washington Post asking readers to help them go through the documents? Has this ever been done before on any issue? How about on the quarter-million WikiLeaks documents 24,000 of which the New York Times staff was apparently easily able to sort and classify as: "secret", "noforn" and "secret/noforn"? Sounds like personal targeting--and extreme lack of professionalism.

Apart from the rank bias, this shows the low level of current mass media journalists. They gripe about having to follow a bus to figure out where someone is going. If you have trouble following a bus, then you will need help understanding standard government e-mails.

Why do they fear and hate Governor Palin so much? The great thing is that she knows they tried to do the same thing with Ronald Reagan and failed. They continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel trying to find some new weapon, but the only ones left are sleazy and lame. Which says reams about them and why fewer and fewer people pay for their news.

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