Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sifting Through the Palin E-Mails

Transparency, wanting to voters to know her positions and study issues
Glad my statement's on record- I took off my Gov's hat, gave my personal opinion as
Alaskans at this point expect me to not duck the obvious follow-up questions from,
reporters when they ask about ballot props (that question: "well how will YOU, Sarah, be voting on the issue?")... and then I asked Alaskans to study up, make up their own minds, ignore the rhetoric on BOTH sides of the campaign, look at the website for info.
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Leo/Talis- I'm not clear on why DOT would not want to release the 80-page KABATA document that ADN requested under foia last week. Please release the kababta info so no one's speculating that our admin is hiding any Knik Arm info from the public.
Also, pls set up with Janice a time for kabata folks to give us an update and to share their plans to move the project forward. Thank you
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Wanting to give clear explanations
He stopped me to ask if I was "surprised" at seeing the overland numbers being so much more economic than my previously held belief (in the campaign, he reminded me) that LNG was king. I said Alaskans didn't have all the info back the[n], he pressed to ask if I was "surprised". I said I was.

Didn't have time to explain it's not so much a surprise today - that's not the point- the point is now we HAVE the info and it's extremely valuable to finally have after decades of not.

If anyone gets a chance to corner him and elaborate, please do.
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Making events simple, inexpensive and being willing to have her and her family serve and clean up
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Subject: Re: Copper River King Arrived
Tonight's great for Todd and me - now these type of events can be quite informal and
still be successful . There's a Costco in Juneau , if you know what I mean. And my family is quite capable of setting out food and cleaning up afterwards.

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