Friday, June 17, 2011

Governor Christie Didn't Do Himself Any Good

Governor Chris Christie didn't do himself any good in telling a questioner that it was none of her business where he sends his children to school.

It certainly is a voter's right to ask about how an elected official responds in his private life to stresses which have a basis in government policy.

Between his beginning and ending assertions that his own choices are his personal business, Christie did make some good points.

1. That he chooses to have religious instruction a part of his children's education and so sends them to parochial schools. That's addressing a real issue about the anti-religious bent of public schools as well as the importance of religious instruction in a child's life.

2. That as governor he works for the good of all the children in his state.

He could have pointed out that parochial and private schools do a much better job of educating children for much diminished funding, and that the state should look to them for guidance on how to both improve education and lower funding needs.

Instead, he went straight to bluster. Unfortunately, the "none of your business" comments fuel the hypocrisy of government officials who themselves are isolated either by income or perks from the impact of legislation or judicial or administrative rules they too easily impose on the rest of us.

This is the kind of unforced error both in style (in his rude initial response to a not rudely stated question) and in substance (in disparaging accountability from the governing class) that will give Governor Christie problems should he choose to run for the presidency.

H/T The Weekly Standard

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