Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Verum Serum's Powerful Review of The Undefeated

John at Verum Serum has a powerful review up of The Undefeated as well as a look at Sarah Palin's character and presidential prospects. Here's his conclusion:
"To be honest, I went into the film thinking Palin didn’t have a chance at the nomination, much less beating Obama. Too damaged by her time in the spotlight. It wasn’t her fault (in my opinion) at least not mostly, but nevertheless the story about her was written. There’s no coming back from a media savaging like the one she has endured.

"After seeing the movie I believed she could win. I don’t know how or when, but I believe she could do it. It won’t be by waiting her turn and being the heir apparent of the party bigwigs. That’s not the way she does things. It’s not the way she’s built. If she does it, it will be by making her own path, clearing the brush with a machete or her bare hands if necessary. She’s compared herself to a pitbull and a mama grizzly, but I think that may be underselling herself a bit. She’s more like the Wolverine of national politics, lots of people have drawn blood but, so far, no one can stop her.

"As to the big question still on the table, The Undefeated made me think she’s almost certainly going to run. Maybe now, maybe in four years, but I think she wants it deep down and I think anyone who thinks the full frontal assault by the media has her beat…just go see the movie."
The whole review is well worth the read.

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