Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Michael Steele on Palin's Bus Tour

UPDATE: Transcript here.

MSNBC is doing a better job than Fox News of reading the Palin tea leaves. A bonus is unconventional Michael Steele commenting on unconventional Sarah Palin.

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Unlike many conservative bloggers, I liked Michael Steele and was sad to see how Republican party leaders and conservative bloggers trashed him.

H/T Josh Painter


James Nicholas said...

I'm with you Terrance, on Steele. I understand there were missteps, but I always liked him. As to Palin, she does seem to be ahead of the press, and Steele here is ahead of this clueless New York reporter, and he isn't about to allow her to mis-characterize what he said.

Saw you comment over at Legal Insurrection. Good stuff.

T. D. said...

Thanks for your comment, James. Always good to have a fellow Oregonian stopping by.

And good to know about your blog.