Monday, July 23, 2018

I Like This Low Emissions Vehicle

Actually, it is lower emissions than normal.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama builds four-cylinder engines for Camry, RAV4, Venza, Sienna and Highlander, and V6 and V8 engines for Tacoma, Tundra and Sequoia. The plant is located in Huntsville, less than 10 miles from Alabama A&M University.
Probably not what Kaiser Permanente was thinking. But, their parking policies leave much to be desired. Now at their Sunnyside hospital parking there are strange signs that say for "Patient Visitors" for "drop off and pick up". What does that mean? As clear as "low emissions". I love to see trucks and vans in compact spots. What it really means is that the parking space is not sufficient for the facility.

Handicapped parking is understandable. And electric car parking where there is a charger. And take-out parking. But, it is getting absurd to see all the different little twists in "reserved" parking spaces. And Kaiser Permanente seems to be leading the pack on silly labels.