Saturday, May 15, 2021

Oregonian Headlines that State the Obvious Long After It Has Become Obvious

Portland’s mayor and City Council please almost no one with their leadership on homelessness, protests

Downtown in distress: Portland’s core is unsafe and uninviting, residents say in new poll, threatening city’s recovery

After 3 Portland homicides in 1 week, officials sound alarm: ‘There’s a cycle of violence here we’re trying to break’

Travelers slow to return to downtown Portland hotels amid pandemic; concerns linger over city’s reputation

Protesters shatter downtown Portland windows; police declare riot

The only real question is why it has taken the Oregonian and other supposed City leaders this long to recognize the crisis has been poorly handled. 

Headlines like this a year after continuing riots and shootings began is clear indication that the Mayor and City Council have been negligent in carrying out basic governmental responsibilities. That the Oregonian hasn't been on this from month 1, let alone week 1, says something about their political stance blinding their common sense. 

Anyone who has gone downtown or knows someone who goes downtown realizes that things are even worse than the Oregonian lets on. Same with gun violence. Just in my little circle I am told that residents commonly hear gun shots at night in neighborhoods that used to be peaceful. One gets better news from friends and acquaintances than from the Oregonian. This is one reason, Oregon subscriptions keep plummeting.