Monday, December 14, 2020

A Blast from the Past: Tik-Tok Menu and Scotty's Ad

Just recently I was looking at my dad's Benson High School yearbook. Inserted in the front cover was the Tik-Tok menu below:

We never went to the Tik Tok that I remember, but my dad and mom dated while she was a carhop there in 1943-1944. So, we have heard about it all our lives.

The menu is one half page (front and back). Interesting that you could get a burger, fries and milkshake there in 1943-1944 for 55 cents with an extra 5 cent charge to have it taken to your car. Kind of neat to see what the full menu was.

Awhile back I found a Scotty's ad from a 1955 Oregonian. When I was a kid my parents would take me and my older brother to Scotty's for a special treat of hamburger and french fries. It was more a McDonald's sized burger and fries. We never got the milkshake. But, my dad would order a number of hamburgers, and he would eat enough of them to fill him up. My mom, older brother and I were usually satisfied with one hamburger and fries. It was a fun time.

Later, when McDonald's came to Portland, I remember you could get a hamburger (15 cents) and fries (10 cents) for a quarter. I don't remember how much a milkshake was. It wasn't a special family place though we did go there, but I went with my teenage friends there quite often for a cheap outing.