Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rip Caswell's Admiral Nimitz

Update: The statue will be on public display at Mayor’s Square City Park on East Columbia River Highway through August 5th.

Update 2: A (sometimes shaky) 7 minute video reprise of highlights of the unveiling ceremony is included at the end of the post.

Today was the unveiling of Rip Caswell's larger-than-life bronze statue of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz in Troutdale, Oregon. The 8' sculpture was commissioned to be installed next to the USS Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor and will be shipped to the Memorial next week. The beautifully crafted statue is a fitting tribute to a great American military commander (and showcases Caswell's artistic brilliance).

As the U.S. representative, Nimitz signed the Japanese surrender document at the signing ceremony on the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945. There were over 1,200 ships on both sides in one battle (Battle of the Philippine Sea) Admiral Nimitz was involved in during World War II (compared to the current U.S. Navy count of under 300 ships).

At the ceremonies honoring Nimitz were a number of World War II veterans proudly wearing identifying caps. Below are photos of Rip Caswell and son Chad (partially hidden by the flag) at the presentation of the colors, Caswell's Nimitz statue, and an autographed photo from the Collection of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN, of Nimitz signing the surrender document.


MAX Redline said...

Is Caswell based out of Troutdale?

T. D. said...

Yes, Max. His studio is across the street from the park where the statue is standing right now. I believe the sculpture will be there for public view until it is shipped off to Pearl Harbor next week.

OregonGuy said...

Cool beans, Mister. Looks like you had a very nice afternoon.

MAX Redline said...

Cool - I'd thought all the talented sculptors were in Joseph. The Valley of the Trout has come a long way from when I lived along the Sandy, there.

T. D. said...

Thanks for your comments, OG and Max. It was a neat event. My dad and another World War II vet wanted to see it. The sculpture is brilliant. I read online that Rip's favorite artist is Bernini. It shows. The detail is phenomenal.

I can't figure out why local TV stations didn't do video coverage of this. Especially KOIN with former news anchors Mike Donahue and Shirley Hancock emceeing. I only posted my embarrassing shaky video because there was not something good online to give a feel of the event.

MAX Redline said...

Actually, that's an excellent video, TD - good job! When I get my hands on a camera, I redefine "shaky" (though I prefer to think of it as artistic").

T. D. said...

Thanks, Max. You're a good, encouraging friend.