Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nimitz Statue Installed at Pearl Harbor

The Admiral Chester W. Nimitz bronze statue unveiled at Troutdale on July 31st was installed September 2 at its final home in front of the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor. KATU posted this photo of sculptor Rip Caswell and his son Chad by the statue:

KATU quoted Caswell on the ceremony.
"It was so powerful to see him (Nimitz) there looking across at the Arizona memorial," said Rip. "The symbolism of it - this is where the war started and this is where it ended. And Nimitz was responsible for it. It was powerful imagery, I think, for everybody that was there."
I have not been able to find any video coverage online of either the Troutdale or Pearl Harbor ceremonies except the video I posted of the Troutdale unveiling ceremony. There was a professional video set up at Troutdale, but no indication of what has been done with the footage.

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